Feliz 2019 NL

Happy New Year 2019

I love you so much, my friends. Thank you for so many beautiful moments we had together in 2018. I hope you end this year in peace and with much joy. I hope that in the new year and cycle to come, you have health, peace and lots of love. … Read More

Latin Grammys 19 Mejor Album Folclorico 1

MUSAS VOL. 2 Latin Grammy Folk Album

Friends on my social networks,

I’m writing a note for you so I can thank you and share what I’m feeling in my heart this moment.

Yesterday was a wonderful day and also a date that I surely will never forget. MUSAS Vol. 2 received the Latin Grammy for Best … Read More


Friends of my social networks

At last I find a moment to write a little bit about what I’ve been feeling all these magical days that I have lived through.

I never imagined that destiny, the universe and its tricks, that life, would bring me to this place. On this trip I wanted to open … Read More


This is me…

I turned 34 while I was on a plane returning to Mexico. No need for mañanitas or cake. No need for boxes with wrapping. I am the worst with dates, forgetting my birthday as I forget others’, but this year I did not forget.

What do I say, Paris? I … Read More

Gracias vida

Finalmente llegó el gran día y está muy cerca de concluir esta fecha: 5 de Mayo, el día que seleccionamos para liberar MUSAS. Tengo muchas emociones revoloteando como mariposas ahora mismo dentro de mi cuerpo. Hago memoria, trato de recordar con detalle aquel momento en que decidí hacer este … Read More

Thank you life


Finally the big day arrived and this date is about to come to a close: May 5th, the day we chose to release MUSAS (MUSES). I have many emotions flitting around like butterflies inside my body right now. Looking back, I am trying to recall in detail that moment in … Read More