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Thank you life


Finally the big day arrived and this date is about to come to a close: May 5th, the day we chose to release MUSAS (MUSES). I have many emotions flitting around like butterflies inside my body right now. Looking back, I am trying to recall in detail that moment in which I decided to do this musical project. It all started with the simple wish to return to music in a more intimate, organic way. At that time I was traveling a lot, playing the songs of “Hasta La Raíz,” and the music that I listened to in the hotels after my concerts or while I was waiting for a plane or on the road made me understand that what my soul needed was to not stop recording new music, not stop researching and doing things that make me a little uncomfortable but at the same time make me feel alive, and so I decided to approach the Macorinos.

All this began without anyone knowing. We only wanted to make music. The game had some rules. We couldn’t use electric instruments. Nor could we part from what would bring us closer to Latin American folklore. I found myself swimming in the surface of an adventure that would take us to something much, much deeper, more powerful and inexplicable, as is now this wonderful collection of songs that we recorded for volume one of MUSAS. We dreamed up some visuals and recorded live. They presented an impressive challenge for everyone. These visuals made us feel entirely alive, present and alert. The camaraderie, the dinners, the listening to more than 300 songs to select those that finally would make up MUSAS.

So, so, so much…Ironically this is no longer a secret, and today this beautiful little bird began its journey. Maybe some will ask why this music, and why in this way. These are sounds that have awakened our hearts and have opened the soul of each of us. This music and these composers fill me with the desire to continue onward and be a photographer who keeps capturing life with the music and lyrics of my songs.  I feel so grateful for each second, each day, each moment of this creative process and I give thanks to those who continue to be my partners and who accompany me on these journeys and take these musical risks with me.

To my adored Macarinos I say: what I most wished would happen, we have now experienced it. Now it is our turn to surprise ourselves with the mysteries of life and seize this moment together with our beloved audience who will take us away with the music to incredible places and unforgettable experiences. It’s time to sing to our beautiful land, to fulfilled love and to broken love, to life, to Mexico and to Latin America. Finally to sing, to just sing to be happy.

Thank you friends. Thank you to everyone involved in this great project.

You brought back life and meaning to my free moments.

Thank you for believing in us and in the music. Thanks to you, my loyal fan.

Thank you with all my heart,


Natalia Lafourcade