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At last I find a moment to write a little bit about what I’ve been feeling all these magical days that I have lived through.

I never imagined that destiny, the universe and its tricks, that life, would bring me to this place. On this trip I wanted to open my eyes and be very attentive to every detail. From Paris to Mexico and from Mexico to Los Angeles to begin rehearsals and preparation of the performance that we would do at the Oscars. And so I continue to find doors that open and I am welcomed by new worlds and new contexts. When I found out that Miguel, Gael and I would be standing on that stage performing the song from COCO, I felt in the pit of my stomach a jolt of energy that went through my entire body in a matter of seconds. The news took away my breath, a smile, a jump of emotion. My heart sped up and I felt my blood running inside me just imagining it. Life and its surprises. One thing goes and another comes, all are moments, life is made of ephemeral moments and nothing stays, everything happens and we must pay close attention in every second and simply live. From that day until yesterday before going up on stage, in the privacy of my mind I thought that I would dedicate that moment to all those beings that we love and are no longer physically with us but are still in our hearts. Of course the nerves come on like a tsunami. Of course one feels vulnerable and alive in moments like that, but this is a pleasure, and we are not alone.

The door to Capitol Records opened, where he would have the first rehearsal with Gael and Miguel. Walking along an infinitely long hallway, it was nice to find some paintings where characters like Paul McCartney, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and many others said: welcome. So, step by step, we reached the studio. My cold hands, my chest open, my voice trembling; Gael could barely put together a sentence and talk; Miguel drinks some water, warms his voice and goes back to drink more water because your throat dries up when you feel this way so alive and so exposed. And we still had not reached the stage and we were already in a pure state of adrenaline.

Another door opened and we entered a huge, cold, empty place. There was a group of wonderful dancers. Nice to meet you, and we offer our hands and give one another a kiss. In each of these young people I feel that I see myself. We are all part of the same thing now and at that moment we started a trip together. The show starts and they show us the choreography and our hearts shake with emotion. Tears appear in our eyes; it is inevitable to cry from emotion. There is no turning back and this was meant to happen in our lives, and it would be very important.

Thus we begin to play. So we begin to dance, to sing, to play. And keep living this marvelous dream. I can definitely say it once again: I love the processes, I love every micro second within everything that is done to reach the final point. The magic is there and there we were all searching for that magic and so we can give it to you through the musical number: Remember me, at the Oscars.

All the way to that place we arrived to sing to Mexico, to our people, to our rich heritage, and to create a bridge of imaginary cempasúchil to the heart of those who open their doors to us and allow us to enter with this explosion of tradition and joy. How this song is so needed for all of us. How hopeful it is to know that a film like this was received with open arms in so many places in the world and allows us to remember how much we are valued.

Before stepping on that stage inside of me everything felt alive as it hadn’t for a long time. This place was definitely new and special. I did not want to think about how many people would be watching us. I wanted to think about my grandmother and give this moment as a tribute to her memory. While the seconds go by at full speed, we take each others’ hands to give ourselves strength. Our frozen hands. We all were feeling the same. This is not about us here, it is about us living a difficult time as humanity and remembering the importance of keeping our values ​​and one of them being family. This warms our hearts. Another, love, respect for diversity. And yes, this movie has hundreds of powerful messages hidden and twinkling in such beauty.

I feel infinitely grateful to be part of this beautiful, masterful film. I feel infinitely happy that it has the recognition of the Academy because undoubtedly this proves once again that we have a lot to be proud of, we have a lot to dream about and make into reality working together as a team, because that is how we go further. There is the family at home but there is also the family that one choses for work, sharing those dreams and imagined moments. The family that we are as a social fabric. What a wonderful life. What a wonder to be at the Oscars and to have as my travel companions, in this experience, my beloved Gael and Miguel. I thank all the Pixar people and the COCO team and family for making a film that inspires and excites us so much. Thank you for making us part of your dream and allowing us to contribute a little with our voices. Thanks to the Academy for opening its doors. Thank you Guillermo because you also put our flag up high, thank you life. Thanks to our dreams and to you who also make all this possible.

Now I watch a sunset and another day that passes. I wish that we would always celebrate a sunset as we know how to with life and death.

Thus, in the blink of an eye everything ends. And we are going back home. I love contrasts. After so much movement, a plate of carrot soup with ginger awaits me at home. After so much movement the calm of my cats awaits me and the affection of my dog ​​Frida.

After opening so many doors and entering so many universes, I return to my house to go over in memory every microsecond I managed to encapsulate in my mind and soul.

A smile comes to my face thinking of the humor that we Mexicans enjoy.

After 18 years I meet Gael García and now I do not feel so empty … My fortunate life has been filled with wonderful moments like this one. Unexpected surprises embraced with love and gratitude. And yes. We whistle gracefully until we empty our lungs because that’s the way Mexicans are here and everywhere. And there is much to celebrate after the ceremony of the Oscars. Long live art, movies, music, live life.

Long live Mexico and Latin America.

Thank you.