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Natalia Lafourcade leaves a significant mark in Argentina

After a successful tour throughout Argentina, Natalia Lafourcade gave a free concert, recorded live, at the Néstor Kirchner Cultural Center (CCK), in Buenos Aires city.

The Mexican artist was invited, along with her band, to take part in the Latin American music Cycle, occasion that she seized to present her most recent album: “Musas, a tribute to Latin American folklore in the hands of the Macorinos”, with original compositions as well as her own versions of songs composed by very well known artists, such as Violeta Parra, Atahualpa Yupanqui and Agustín Lara, among others.

Natalia was happy to close her tour at the CCK, and said that what happened that night at the very prestigious Blue Whale auditorium truly exceeded her expectations. “I feel very excited and believe that playing in an auditorium as important as this one shows that what we are sharing with the audience is good indeed. I really hope people enjoy our music tonight”.

With great emotion, the Argentine public recently received the news of being able to see, for free, Natalia’s concert at the Blue Whale auditorium, which is already available in the CCK’s exclusive signal, on the public content platform Contar (

Natalia Lafourcade leaves a significant mark in Argentina