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Hello my friends and followers! I’m filled with happiness to write to you from my most cherished hideaway: a little house among trees, sounds, life, vegetation, sunsets, aromas, colors and more and more beauty which Veracruz gives me every second.

The time has come to present to you the first single of this new cycle and chapter in my life. I still feel my heart contract and expand with every breath; I still feel nervous, I still ask myself if you will identify with what my voice and feelings have written, I still feel like hiding and not coming out, I still love this powerful feeling that shakes me up and keeps me awake. So I think that all these butterflies in my stomach are proof that the work, energy and love, which my beautiful team and I have dedicated to the music these last few months have been worthwhile.

Today, January 27 2017, I’d like to present a new single to you. It’s called Tú sí sabes quererme (Yes, you know how to love me), and it’s part of a group of songs that we recorded for my next musical production MUSAS (MUSES).

This is a record we made with the purpose of recovering hidden and forgotten treasures. It is an homage to Latin American folklore in the hands of Los Macorinos. I feel like I don’t yet want to tell all of the story of this beautiful process. So we’ll go slowly, bit by bit, in order to be able to capture all details that we nurtured for these magical songs and stories.

A year ago, I allowed myself a trip to Brazil to rest up a bit. One of my most valuable reflections during this trip, apart from that which had to do with taking care of my health, was finding myself with the need to approach music again, but from another place. I wanted to study our musical roots and folklore more closely; I wanted to find the beauty of Latin America and Mexico highlighted through its music. I wanted to return to composing and spend restful afternoons listening to and making music for me and for my soul. I wanted to sing in the living room of my house with good musicians and good mezcal. I needed to write again. To write about nature, life, love, death, pain and freedom. I wanted to write about Mexico and her suffering. I wanted to sing on any given afternoon for my friends and family in the kitchen or dining room of my own house.

So, as always happens when I have a record going – that in that moment was Hasta la Raíz – I didn’t know quite what to do but I threw myself into action. I decided to start a new musical project that now carries the name MUSAS (MUSES). I called some gentleman that I have admired for a very long time and with whom I’d wanted to work for years, Los Macorinos. Two incredible musicians, older and wiser – pillars of traditional music. They had the fortune of accompanying Chavelita Vargas during the last decade of her life, and other great musical interpreters as well. Now they are my friends.

We spent beautiful moments working and playing with the music of different composers, who, when I was learning their music, became my muses to return to writing and composing new music. This new music would be played and interpreted in the hands of my dear friends Los Macorinos.

I am so excited and grateful because I have thousands of stories to tell you. The year 2016 was one of the most intense years of all of my life. I still can’t believe all that happened this year and least of all that we would be able to finish this dream of music in order to share it with you.

I invite you to listen to my new single Tú sí sabes quererme (Yes, you know how to love me). This song is a tribute to well-matched love, courageous love that fills us with bliss and well-being. The love that illuminates us and makes us better people. That love which is very hard to find but when it is found, it should be cared for and protected. That is what is needed today. To accept love, open our hearts, to say – yes, I accept loving you, and the courage to ask for love and to let ourselves be loved. To give and to receive.

I share the love song that I gave to the wonderful human being who is with me day by day – the companion who encourages me and supports me in this path I am traveling. The song that I made for the love that you all offer me in every instant that we share, in every space we meet. This is all my love in my singing for you, for Mexico and Latin America.

I hope you really enjoy it and I invite you again to be a part of my new musical cycle and chapter of life. Surely we will spend incredibly magical moments while we let ourselves get wrapped up in the music and its special powers.

Bon voyage, friends!

I love you,

Natalia Lafourcade