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Natalia Lafourcade at the MTV MIAW 2017 Awards


In the fifth edition of the MTV MIAW Natalia Lafourcade has been nominated to participate in the category of Best Artist Mexico. The MTV Millennial Awards, also known as MTV MIAW were created by MTV Latin America and were created to reward the best of pop culture, digital world … Read More

Musas, historic theaters tour

In July, Natalia Lafourcade with Los Macorinos will share her new album Musas in a tour of historic theaters in different cities of Mexico during the month of July. On May 8 and 9, Santander account holders will be able to purchase their ticket … Read More

Te vi pasar

“I chose this song because I love the music of Agustín Lara. His songs transport me to another era, awakening in me something I cannot explain but that I can feel very intensely. Agustín Lara transforms my attitude and my singing. He wakes me up and makes me a woman. … Read More

Rocío de todos los campos

Rocío de todos los campos is a song that sings to the countryside, to the time and to the people who leave traces in our lives; an offering to inspiration, to silence and to the world to which we sometimes resort, in search of divine signs. In this piece Natalia … Read More

Alondra de la Parra & Natalia Lafourcade join their talents

The Orchestra Director Alondra de la Parra will meet again with Natalia Lafourcade to delight us with a symphonic concert that will pay homage to the Mexican composers whose musical pieces have transcended and are part of the musical identity of our country. The event will take place in the … Read More